Jumping Joey’s Fun Sessions

Jumping Joey’s Fun Sessions for 3 & 4 yrs.

‘inspiring our children to become more active’

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Preschoolers need LOTS of physical activity.

Did you Know? – Children under the age of 5 should be active for at least 3 hours per day.

Our sessions provide great exercise for your little ones, but in a structured format that introduces a wide variety of activities, and builds coordination, balance and confidence helping them to prepare for school.

Equally important is making exercise FUN, which we all know, is vital to keeping young children interested.

We offer the following sessions:

Dance Fun  – a 40 minute class including warm-ups, dancing, fun & games and then a cool down.

Sports Fun – a 40 minute class including warm-ups, basic sport skills, fun & games and then a cool down.

Each half term we will focus on different themes and dances, whilst building on the skills we have learnt so far.

We provide a completely positive experience. It’s amazing how this early exposure makes children more willing to give new sports a try as they get older.

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