Messy Play

Messy Play Fun Sessions

What is messy play?

Messy play gives children the opportunity to explore objects and materials in a free and unrestricted way. The children can use the basic materials without being constrained by the one right way to use them. The sensory experience enables them to understand how things feel, smell and taste and it supports their physical development.

Children are doing many things at once when engaged in messy play. They can be observing, creating, building, exploring, imagining, discovering, investigating, interpreting, even relaxing.

All of this messy play means that your children are likely to come home with dirty clothes. Please bring extra clothing for the children so they are able to enjoy and experience our messy play activities.

We will be starting a session on Monday mornings from 10th February at Hayle RFC from 10am – 11am

£5.00 per child (Loyalty cards accepted)