Pre-Schools & Nurseries

We provide fun dance & sport classes for pre-school aged children. Our classes help develop your child’s co-ordination, rhythm and gross motor skills whilst also boosting their confidence.

We incorporate various dancing, games, exercises, and basic sports skills to fun songs.

Being active through dance and sport

With obesity rates in children on the rise it’s important to find an activity that they can enjoy and have fun in.

Did you know?

Children under the age of 5 should be active for at least 3 hours per day?

Benefits from being active:

The most important aspect – FUN, all children will have fun and gain a sense of achievement regardless of their ability.

  1. Gross motor skills are developed: agility, speed, balance, co-ordination and reaction time
  2. Health related fitness is improved; CV fitness, muscular and muscular endurance, flexibility
  3. A great opportunity for social interaction, achievement and to develop positive mental well-being
  4. Energy balance is maintained
  5. Stress is managed better and concentration improved
  6. Self confidence improves
  7. A healthy body weight is maintained, reducing the risk of obesity and high blood pressure
  8. Sporting abilities and performance improves
  9. Enjoying exercise at an early age helps with prepare with the transition to school as well as increasing the likelihood of becoming a healthy, active adult

5 things you’ll see your child enjoy in our sessions

  1. Exploring & moving to music
  2. Learning their body parts
  3. Being sociable in a group
  4. Learning basic sports skills
  5. Dancing with their parents, carers or teachers.

Every child responds differently. We acknowledge this and allow children to develop and learn skills at their own pace.

FUN is the main word at this age as they’re just being introduced to a class structure and up to the age of 5 how a child perceives being active is instilled. They should always think being active is enjoyable so as to encourage them to continue into adulthood.

Each 45 minute class includes warm-ups, dancing, fun and games, then a cool down.

We also include different themes each term – space, fairy tales, circus, around the world but we can also cater to a specific theme running at your pre-school or Nursery.

We provide a completely positive experience. It’s amazing how this early exposure makes children more willing to give new sports a try as they get older.